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Birth Of A New Universe - Mural 4 copy.jpg

Photo by Andrew Philip Walton
Sharamiya Walton is a UK based multidisciplinary visual artist and musician.


Discovered through dream and visionary states, Sharamiya Walton reveals ancient mythic archetypes from the fractal realms of the cosmos, collective unconscious and the age old practices of alchemy and sacred geometry. Grounded in Jungian depth psychology, these universal images are embedded deep within the stores of our ancestral reservoir and resonate with the profound harmony of the universe. They unearth the symbols for the union of irreconcilables and represent the psychic goal of wholeness to become who you truly are. To reach this goal, deaths and rebirths of the self are required to gradually pair the opposite sides of the psyche; namely, the conscious and unconscious. In the Egyptian creation myth, it is the watery chaos of the God Nu from which the fiery Sun God Re-Atum is born, giving life to all existence then sinking to his death each night in primeval waters to rise again in an infinite cycle of birth, death and rebirth. It is the pairing of sun and moon, male and female, heaven and earth. As we make this inward journey to our unconscious territories, we challenge and transform our consciousness into higher states of awareness. This is the true nature of the alchemical gold, philosophers stone and elixir of life. 

   With her playful use of vivid colour palettes, form and texture, Sharamiya creates visionary, alien, dreamlike dimensions in various styles and mediums, containing figures that seem to express their own consciousnesses. These organic, geometric, ethereal forms and sounds reach deep into the origins of our being, transporting us to other worlds and highlighting the Oneness that permeates throughout time and the universe.

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